Thursday, July 11, 2013

4th of July with family in Decatur

Family get together at JC and Kathy's in Decatur was fun.  Got to meet Bredina's mom and Shannon and Michael's precious Keagan.
Shannon, Keagan, Bredina and her mom

Kathy and Keagan with a favorite book
Shannon and Bret play bags

 JC made the bags game for Bret for Christmas.  He said he waxed it well to make it interesting. 
JC, Linda, and Shirley-can you tell we're related? 

Trying to pose with multiple dogs

And I thought getting a good picture with one dog was hard.  Now with three it is impossible. Someone's head is usually in motion, or turned. Oh, they're not spoiled at all...Shirley said so.
OK, there's a little food left..who wants some more? 

The "before" grooming picture...we didn't get an after of all three.
Fall, 2010... stops on the way to Florida
Shirley with Izzy at rest stop
Shellie at State Park in TN

We've gone to the dogs...I wanted a "small dog" that would fit in a carrier under a plane seat...oh plans and such.  The main goals were to get me off the couch and outside to meet neighbors in Hawaiian Isles.  That has been accomplished.  Of course, Izzy needed a playmate. So, a second visit to Posh Puppies, the rescue in St. Louis, resulted in the addition of Ruby.

Izzy graduated from beginning obedience July 2010.
Ruby's graduation was July 2011
Our new addition in Hawaiian Isles May/2013
Ta Da   The addition in progress
The window to Shellie's room used to be off to my right.

To the left of the back door
Along the side wall