Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May Card Kit

For my May Card Kit entry, I made a sample to include. I had lots of fun getting the pieces to work together.

I'm also including a pix of the card kit to encourage others to participate. I know when I began, I didn't know what I really needed to do. In my embellishment baggie, I included 7 punches, a flower, a gaucho and the ribbon. I include two verses, the 3 images and some extra paper so there are other possibilities. I hope this helps others.

April Mingle

I haven't blogged lately, but have a couple to add today. the first is my April Mingle which should have arrived in Canada already, If not, Deanna Bohnet, it's on its way.

For me, Spring is enchantment. Going out to discover the new growth, budding trees, sprouting plants and early blooms. Hilda has wrapped an early bloom around her walking stick as she strolls through an enchanting adventure.

The paper was from an 8X8 Flavia pad I had in my stash.